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Our WRAS approved Plastic Pipe - Industrial ABS and PVC - range includes everything you need for a wide variety of projects that demand robust piping. A leading name in the supply of Industrial ABS and PVC Plastic Pipe products, we work with a cross-section of customers - from trades and developers to contractors, homeowners and businesses of all sizes.

Suitable for industrial, commercial and domestic use, our extensive stock offers a colour-match pipe system. Designed for durability, our plastic pipes and accessories will never rust, corrode or need painting. They are also non-toxic and highly cost-effective. You will find our plastic pipes used in civil engineering, plumbing, agriculture, food processing and waste processing, to name a few.

With wide-ranging benefits, low prices and fast nationwide delivery to any location in the UK, we are the Number 1 choice for plastic pipes.

Choose from economical plastic pipes that are up to 15 per cent cheaper than ABS piping. Browse our ABS range if you are looking for plastic pipes designed to withstand a bigger temperature range and high impact resistance.

Easy To Install Industrial Plastic Pipes

Plastic pipes have many advantages over copper, cast iron and galvanised steel pipes. They can handle extreme temperatures, are easy to install anywhere and will never succumb to rust.

Product Specifications

ABS Pipes

Made from tough Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Wide temperature range (according to pressure) - -40°C to 70°C
Chemical resistant
Resists high impact
Superior flow, thanks to an ultra-smooth bore
Resists limescale
Designed to last up to 50 years
Suitable for de-ionised water
Meets the British Industrial Biological Research Association’s Code of Practice
WRAS approved
EEC approved
British Plastic Federation approved
Meets both BS5391 Part 1 and BS5392 Part 1

PVC Pipes

Made from Polyvinyl Chloride – (unplasticised)
Wde temperature range - 5°C to 60°C
Resists chemicals
Easy to install
Resists limescale
Long design life, based on a maximum pressure at 20°C
Abrasion resistant
Won’t corrode
Can be used for for acids, alkalis, chemical processing and effluents
WRAS approved
WRc tested
Pipes manufactured to BS3505 and EN1452-2 standards
Pipe fittings manufactured to BS4346 Part 1 standards
Threaded PVC pipe fittings meet BS 21 / DIN 2999 / ISO 7

Please note: Our PVC pipes are not suitable for use with compressed air

Plastic Pipe Classes/Sizes - Industrial ABS & PVC

Our high-performance Plastic Pipes - Industrial ABS and PVC - are popular because they are easy to install. They are stocked in a huge range of dimensions and lengths.

Product range

PVC Pipes

Pipes stocked in:

Class C
Class D
Class E
Class 7”
Clear PVCu

3m to 8m - 2” to 8”

Some of the PVC pipe accessories in stock:

PVC pipe fittings
PVC pipe flanges
PVC valves
PVC digital flow meters
Expansion bellows
Solvent cement
Cleaning fluid
Adjustable PVC pipe cutter kit
Chamfer tools
Flat gaskets
Bracket rings

ABS Pipes

Pipes stocked in:

Class C
Class E
Class T

3m to 6m with dimensions from 1” to 8”

Some of our ABS Pipe Accessories

ABS pipe fittings
ABS pipe flanges
ABS valves
Pipe clip
Expansion bellows
Backing rings
Flat gaskets

All our pipes and accessories are available in a matching finishes to deliver coordinated aesthetics.

Why Buy Plastic Pipe Industrial ABS & PVC From Us?

Our Plastic Pipes deliver real value for money. With long-lasting performance and resistance, they are a cost-effective, long-term solution. We have more than 10 years’ experience in the sale of plastic pipes, supplying customers across the UK.

Our huge distribution network allows us to deliver PVC and ABC pipes, pipe fittings and accessories in as little as 1 to 3 working days. We provide completely free technical advice to ensure you buy the right products for your project. If you need some support, contact us online now or give our customer care team a call on 0333 121 4800.

We regularly compare our prices against competitors’. If you find the same product cheaper elsewhere online, we will match that price.

With a commitment to delivering only the very best products, our plastic pipes are considered market-leading. The products in this range are manufactured by globally trusted brands and are designed to be easy install.

Browse our range of Plastic Pipes - Industrial ABS and PVC - and buy at the best price today.